Tushar Roy ( English <> Bengali/Bangla )

Tushar Roy ( English <> Bengali​/​Bangla )



  • NAATI Certified Translator
  • NAATI Certified Interpreter
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    About 20 years as NAATI accredited​,​ and over 15 years prior to that as a translator and interpreter. Currently working as a consultant for the Department of Defence​,​ Canberra (in an IT role). Worked as an Executive for the Australian Federal government for 7 years (2011-18) in an IT manager. Prior to that worked 17 years in the private sector (most of the major banks) in Sydney where gathered a wealth of knowledge from the financial sector. Prior to that worked with two NGOs in Bangladesh​,​ whilst doing literary and journalistic work with national newspapers and publishers. My Translation price is $50​/​100 words


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