Aziz Islam ( English <> Bengali/Bangla )

Aziz Islam ( English <> Bengali​/​Bangla )



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    NAATI Certified Translator No. CPN2MH62W ABN 99 456 423 087 PRICE LIST for translations (from 2022) Minimum charge - - $20.00 Birth Certificates (Summary-1 page) - $25.00 (Detailed-2 pages) - $35.00 Driving License [Plain & Tabular Text] $25.00 & $35.00 Identity (ID) Cards​/​Certificates - $25.00 Marriage Certificates - (500+ words) - $120.00 Certificates: All categories of Academic Certificates​/​Diplomas​/​Testimonials (up to 100 words) - $25.00 (plain text rate for >100 words) Plain text : Letters​/​ Documents​/​ Reports​/​ Brochures​/​ Pamphlets​/​ Notices​/​ $25.00 for 1 st 100 words or part thereof Newspaper clippings​/​ Books​,​ etc. OR flat rate at 25 cents per word Tabular text : (Table Format): Marks $35.00 for 1 st 100 words or part thereof Certificates​/​ Dockets​/​ Divorce OR flat rate at 35 cents per word Certificates​/​ Immunisation Records (N.B. Words counted separately for each documents​,​ all not lumped together) Extract translations of various certificates ​/​testimonials on nominated Templates $25.00 each Proofreading​/​Checking​/​Editing - $0.15 per word on total word counts Checking is same price as translation due to use of Translation Apps. Transcription from audio * $100.00 per minute (* Clearly audible audio only. Translation of Transcribed text would be a separate job at translation rates as above) Postal charges only if Registered or Express $12.00 for standard items of post or Overseas Postal Deliveries are asked for OR actual cost for larger items. N.B. Due to deteriorated postal services​,​ loss or damage through ordinary posts cannot be compensated for​,​ duplicates have to be paid for. Additional Certification​/​Attestation​/​ Affidavit Endorsement from a Justice of the Peace $80.00 per job Reproduction of Original Documents $2.00​/​page (No charge for NAATI stamping) for NAATI stamping Terms: Four weeks​,​ Payment by direct bank transfer (details given in the invoice) Turnaround time: a s a p within Three working days from receipt of the PO Urgent work (24-hour turnaround) will incur 100% surcharge Price can be negotiated for large amount of work such as 50​,​000 words or more.


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